Laurent Meric

Laurent Meric

Laurent Meric is a French born and trained Master Chocolatier and Pastry Chef. He is a member of the Académie Culinaire de France and co-owner of Cacao Fine Chocolates & Pâtisserie in Melbourne.

Laurent started his classic French training at age 15 at a culinary school in the South West of France, where he completed his certificate under the supervision of various MOFs (official recognition as the most skilled French artisans in their trade). After culinary school, Laurent moved to Paris, where he worked as a chef and then pastry chef at a number of Michelin starred restaurants, including La Tour d’Argent (3 Michelin stars). He also enjoyed the benefits of international training and influences working in 5-star hotels in London and aboard luxury cruise ships.

In 1995, Laurent completed a three-year Masters Degree in pastry in Paris. He and his wife then embarked on a journey around the world that exposed him to new tastes, ideas and techniques.

Arriving in Australia in 1999, Laurent worked as a pastry chef at the InterContinental Sydney in preparation for and during the Sydney Olympics. Happily for Melbournians, Laurent then made the move to Melbourne to work as the Executive Pastry Chef at the well-known Laurent Bakery chain.

In July 2003, Laurent opened his first concept store: Cacao Fine Chocolates & Pâtisserie in Melbourne. Laurent is now Cacao’s Business Development Manager and a Director, focusing on creating the ultimate customer experience. Laurent is genuinely and hugely enthusiastic about his craft, quality ingredients and the simple pleasure of a perfect buttery croissant. He works with clients and distributors nationally to share products with them that he is as passionate about today as he was on day one.