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If you have a penchant for chocolate, beware of this post as it may cause extreme salivation onto your reading device.

Tucked neatly behind Melbourne’s new H&M building, Cacao Lab offers respite from retail wonderland in the form of chocolat allure.

Newly relocated and revamped, Cacao Lab is more than just science laboratory meets candy land. Their custom made orange resin cabinets offers exquisite hand crafted chocolates and ‘new-fangled’ éclairs that are almost be too pretty to eat. Almost!

Co-owners and master pastry chefs/chocolatiers Laurent Meric and Tim Clark, the culinary scientists responsible for many chocolate sugar highs wanted to create a fun and contemporary space where patrons can enjoy creative, decadent desserts.

My picks? Salted caramel (everything), éclairs, artisan chocolates, macarons, and if you’re lucky they might even pour you a salted caramel chocolate shot.

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