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Date: 22/07/2014 9:24 PM

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I recently visited Melbourne. Something I do often, at least once a year. Ever since I discovered Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School, a god sent to pastry chefs, budding pastry chefs, home cooks and anyone else with a passion for pastry. It has given confidence and skills, to many people to open patisseries, cafes and restaurants all over the world.

Whilst in Melbourne I take the opportunity as a foodie to visit as many patisseries, cafes and restaurants as financially possible, sometimes my stomach is telling me “please no more, I’m about to burst, are you crazy man?” but my heart and brain is telling me to go out and do as much as possible to take advantage of this trip to Melbourne, just enjoy and eat as much as you want!

On this occasion I visited Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie. On past trips I would go to their St. Kilda location or there little boutique counter island in the GPO Building in the CBD. However, when you visit now, you will find that H&M has taken over the space with its department store, similar to David Jones and Myers. However if you walk straight through H&M, you will find Driver Lane, and at the end of Driver Lane you will find Cacao Lab. I’m not sure if it was a forced move or not, because of H&M, I’m guessing it was, but a blessing in disguise as I see it. It has obviously helped Cacao promote its brand, with the opening of Cacao Lab. An exquisite eye catching patisserie, with quality products on offer to boot.

I’m not sure why it’s referred to as a lab, but the name has a good ring to it, it’s a fine patisserie, offering gourmet hot chocolates, with your choice of chai, salted caramel, chilli or their signature blend. There are petit cakes, éclairs, macarons and chocolates. I love their chocolates! They also have a small savoury menu, which sounds quite good too.

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Date: 22/07/2014 9:24 PM

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