Cacao Lab A True Chocolate Wonderland

Chocolate Wonderland

Chocoholics rejoice at the wonderland that is the newest member of the Cacao Family; Cacao Lab on Driver Lane in Melbourne’s CBD. The team have managed to highlight the science behind chocolate in an ultra-fun way. Arguably one of the most amazing chocolate destinations in Melbourne, Cacao Lab is decorated with science beakers and bottles filled with all things sweet.

Not only specialising in fine chocolates, Cacao have found a way to catapult the humble éclair into this century. The traditional cream filled choux pastry with a strip of chocolate glaze on the top, has been replaced with all sorts of magical creations. There are caramel ones and lemon meringue ones, and, of course, plenty of chocolate ones. Cacao deliver a range of cakes and pastries, but due to the demand of the sweet-toothed Melbourne public, chocolate is featured in 80% of their products.

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