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Young, old, man, woman - everyone loves chocolate! When it doubts about buying a gift, buying chocolate can be your best bet.

Best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Date: 20/06/2017 3:47 PM

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Chocolates have been around for years, and they make excellent presents, and they are not attached to a hefty price tag. If you have a friend or family member who cannot do without chocolates, then the following is a list of gifts for chocolate lovers.


1.  A chocolate soap/body wash and body lotion

Apart from the edible kind of chocolate, you can get your friends something to pamper themselves with. We all know that chocolate has an amazing and enticing fragrance, it also has antioxidant properties, which is why it is used in skin care products. There are many companies which have chocolate flavoured/scented skincare items and toiletries which make for excellent presents. Available in different budget categories, chocolate flavoured bath products are always a very nice gift.


2.  Chocolate bath bombs

If your friend enjoys “the good life” and enjoys her/his time in the bathtub, then a chocolate flavoured bath bomb can prove to be an excellent present. It has a nice fizz to it and is jam packed with amazing fragrance which will tempt you to grab a chocolate bar.


3.  Chocolate liqueur

Moving on to the edible kind of chocolate, the chocolate liqueur is a nice little treat to gift to your loved one. These prove to be a nice present during the fall-winter time, especially during the holiday season. Available at different price brackets, you can choose from across brands and gift your friend something unique.


4.  A chocolate recipe book

If your friend can churn up some interesting chocolate desserts in the kitchen, then, a recipe book loaded with desserts made from chocolates can prove to be an interesting option. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from, and your friend will be forever grateful to you for trusting their culinary skills and gifting them the joy of baking.


5.  A box of chocolates



A very clichéd idea, but it always works. A box of chocolates is perhaps the best way to make a chocolate lover smile. You can choose between milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate depending on your loved one’s preferences and get them a box of assorted chocolates, which they will savour and remember you with every bite.


6.  A chocolate gift basket

In case you think that a chocolate box is too mainstream and you wish you take your present a notch higher, opt for a chocolate basket. You can add a few gourmet chocolates, along with chocolate bars, cocoa powder, cinnamon sticks, a little bit of coffee and create your custom made present. Such a present will be proof that you put a lot of thought into the gift and came up with something incredibly unique.


7.  A chocolate bar makeup palette

If your friend is a makeup and chocolate lover, then you can combine the two options and get your friend a chocolate bar makeup palette. Inspired by the look of chocolate bars, these makeup palettes look and smell like chocolates and apply like a dream. There are different brands which have come up with such an interesting feature in their line of makeup.


8.  A chocolate flavoured lip balm

If your friend suffers from dryness of the lips and happens to be a fan of chocolates, then such a present will be ideal. A chocolate flavoured lip balm has shea butter and other moisturising agents to heal chapped lips, and it smells and sometimes even taste like chocolates; it is a double whammy. Moreover, they are easy in the pocket and travel-friendly.


9.  Nutella

Nutella is chocolate mixed with the goodness of rich hazelnuts. It makes for the perfect dessert topping and can be consumed on its own. Just buy your friend a big pack of Nutella, and they will be ecstatic. Nutella is loved worldwide and is proven to be a comfort food for people of all ages.

Note: Nutella is not a product we promote.


10.Chocolate scented candles

Another amazing way to surprise your chocolate loving friend is to gift them chocolate scented candles. These candles smell delicious and are available across brands. If you are good with art and craft, then you can easily DIY them as well and save a few bucks.


11.Chocolate cake/brownies

If you have a penchant for baking, then it is nothing like baking a chocolate cake or a pack of brownies, for your chocoholic friend. It is a customizable, thoughtful present and the gesture will make you stand apart from the rest. You can use your baking skills to perfection, or maybe head out to your closest confectioners and get hold of the most scrumptious looking chocolate cake or brownies. It will be an excellent treat from your friend.


Chocolate is synonymous with celebration. If you know someone who loves these cocoa laden bite-sized goodness, then you know what to gift them on their next birthday or during Christmas.


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