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Valentine Heart Chocolate Box - 10 piece

Surprise your loved one with our limited edition chocolate box featuring ten hand painted dark and white chocolate Valentine Hearts. This meticulously crafted heart-shaped chocolate has been part of our signature range from the beginning and continues to be one of our best-selling flavours.

Each chocolate is a masterpiece in itself, created through a meticulous three-day process to ensure the highest quality and exquisite taste. A symphony of flavours awaits as you bite into the premium dark and white chocolate shell, revealing a luxurious centre filled with a blend of dark chocolate, passionfruit, and white peach caramel ganache.

Elegantly presented in a luxurious foiled red love heart-themed sleeve it makes a sweet surprise for a special occasion. 

Allergen dietary reference
This product contains Dairy, Soy and Alcohol.  

Selection is 130g


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