Celebrating 20 years of sweet success

Celebrating 20 years of sweet success

It’s been 20 years since Laurent Meric and Tim Clark set out to create beautiful handcrafted delicacies. In the two decades since, there’s been tears and laughter, triumph and failures, but one thing has remained – their purpose.

This month CACAO celebrates its 20th anniversary. In 2003 they opened their doors to the Australian public, who have consistently thrown their support behind the brand.

For Meric and Clark, the milestone achievement is one to not only be proud of, but to look back at just how far they’ve come.

When asked if CACAO remains the same business they set out to create, both chefs agree that the plan was to eventually grow while continuing to maintain their vision through quality, consistency, great customers service and an amazing team.

“The path is never straight, business evolves, and the plan adapts,” Clark says.

“Lessons have been learnt, today we are stronger than ever. We’ve grown from a local Melbourne patisserie to a national business. The mission hasn’t changed, our attention to detail and focus on quality are our underlying principles.”

Tim Clark and Laurent Meric, co-owners of CACAO chocolates and macarons

Meric says their creativity and innovation through simplicity, combined with using the best ingredients available has been the recipe for success.

Clark agrees, and says CACAO’s range of luxury chocolates, macarons and pastries along with their traditional flavours and pastry techniques are what keeps customers coming back for more.

“I love how creative cooking can be. I can express my creativity through the concept creation and presentation of my food. I like to work with classic flavour pairings, I also like to draw on nostalgic memories, making memorable experiences,” Clark says.

Both Meric and Clark gained their love of cooking from their mothers and will look to celebrate their 20 year achievement with close family and friends later in the year.

When asked what he believed CACAO’s success came down to, Meric says the answer is simple – it's all in the cooking.

“As well as our product range, consistency, love, trust, vision, and an amazing team.”

For now, it remains business as usual – providing innovative, handcrafted products using only the highest quality ingredients.

To find out more about the 20 year celebrations and birthday giveaway CLICK HERE

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