Australian Macadamias

Macadamia Pralines Dark - 10 piece box

These handmade dark chocolate coated crunchy macadamia pralines topped with a whole roasted Australian macadamia are a truly luxurious treat. 

Macadamias - an Australian native nut - have a creamy, buttery, smooth texture and delicious taste that works brilliantly with chocolate. We prefer to roast and caramelise the macadamias before enrobing them in premium Belgian dark chocolate. This step is important to enhance the full flavour profile of the nut. 

Presented in our signature black 10-piece chocolate box complete with a custom designed sleeve inspired by native Australian flora and fauna it makes a beautiful gift.

To learn more about where we source this amazing ingredient click here

Allergen dietary reference 
This product contains Dairy, Nuts and Soy. 

Selection is 120g


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