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Meet St Remio, our new coffee supplier of choice

It’s always a privilege to work with businesses who not only aim to make high quality products but genuinely care about the impact they have on the community. 

Meet St Remio, a Melbourne based brand with a mission to produce great coffee and build a genuine connection between grower and consumer. 

Since 2017, St Remio has set out on a mission to support coffee growers in Rwanda to empower farming communities through funding, education and infrastructure.

"I’d spent 10 years working in coffee, but it was only on a trip to Rwanda in 2015 that I saw coffee for what it was, people. I realised I could do more and together with the support of my wife, embarked on a journey to change people’s mindset away from commodity and into community." – Trent Knox Founder

In the past five years, St Remio has supported the coffee cooperatives in the small community of Cogagi in West Rwanda. Programs included purchasing land and coffee on behalf of the co-operative, building a coffee nursery and a cupping lab, and providing training to farmers. 

They also helped purchase additional seedlings (tomato, sunflower, passionfruit and avocado) to allow the co-operative to earn income from the land while the coffee plantation is being established, which takes 3 years to cultivate before it is ready for harvest.

The coffee we purchase from St Remio is used in two of our signature products: café au lait chocolate and coffee caramel macaron. When you purchase any of these products you are indirectly contributing to the farming communities of Cogagi. 

To find out more about these amazing initiatives visit St Remio's website.

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