Hand Rolled Cigars you can eat

Hand rolled dark chocolate cigars

Our limited-edition box set of three hand rolled chocolate cigars is a special offering for this Father's Day.

"We wanted to make something decadent that people could not only enjoy but also have fun with at the same time. Making edible chocolate cigars seemed like a very fitting idea." explains Tim Clark, CACAO’s Creative Director.

Each cigar is handmade using the finest Belgian chocolate and filled with a silky-smooth dark chocolate ganache and hand rolled in rich dark cocoa powder.  

We then finished each cigar with a custom designed Father’s Day wrap and presented in CACAO’s signature black box with a matching Father’s Day sleeve.

Picking the right ingredients is key in creating our products. The most important component in our Father’s Day cigar is the 58% dark chocolate from Cacao Barry. It ensures that the delicate outer shell of the cigar is crisp and snaps on every bite which is the sign of good quality chocolate” says Clark.

It would take our chocolatiers two to three hours to make a cigar from start to finish. The making process has many steps from tempering the chocolate to moulding, filling, and roughing up the outer layer to create the cigar like appearance.  

hand rolled artisan chocolate cigarsLimited edition chocolate cigars created for Father's Day 2021


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