New Coffee Caramel Macaron

Our new macaron flavour with St Ali's Orthodox blend

Coffee is so uniquely Melbourne and a very fitting ingredient for our new limited edition macaron: Coffee Caramel.

We’ve teamed up with Melbourne’s specialty coffee roasters, ST. ALi to create this new flavour for  our signature range. This two-tone macaron is filled with a buttery caramel cream infused with one of St ALi’s most popular coffee blend, the Orthodox.

After a rather enjoyable inhouse testing process, we settled on this blend due to its palatable flavour profile. It’s a twist on the classic Italian espresso made with 60% Colombian and 40% Brazilian beans.

We have always admired ST ALi’s approach and their ability to keep pushing industry boundaries. ST. ALi was one of the pioneers in defining specialty coffee in Melbourne. Since their inception they have been an industry leader in pursuing direct relationships with farmers, in-house roasting and expert coffee brewing.

Therefore we are really excited to finally have the opportunity to incorporate their coffee into one of our macaron creations.

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