Sweet collaboration with SoHi

A sweet collaboration between SoHi and CACAO resulted in a velvety chocolate liqueur

SoHi Highbrow CACAO chocolate liqueur

If you like chocolate, here’s a real treat for you. A delicate smooth velvety chocolate liqueur, born from a sweet collaboration between CACAO and SoHi - a small batch distiller located in Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW. 

"SoHi is an award winning boutique vodka and gin producer located in one of the most stunning parts of Australia known for its cool climate and rolling green hills. When they approached us earlier this year for a collaboration it was very easy to say yes." says Tim Clark, Creative Director of CACAO 

Coming from NSW himself, Clark knows this area too well and understands the unique climate that result in amazing produce. 

"After a few attempts at creating a harmonic and smooth flavour from freshly roasted cacao nibs and triple-distilled potato vodka, all made from scratch, Highbrow Cacao Liqueur was born." continues Clark

This limited release liqueur has soft, warm notes of shaved Callebaut chocolate, freshly whipped nougat, rum and raisin, with rich dark chocolate flavours, orange rind and a little espresso hit. A true masterpiece by the makers at SoHi

SoHi Highbrow CACAO chocolate liqueur

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